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Virtuosi Music Centre is a school for the violin, established in 2001 by the principal, Masako Suzuki White. This school has a wide range of students such as beginners, those who pick up as a recreational activity as well as those who are aiming to be professional musician. The instructors will introduce and lead them into the world of music that boasts of a splendid scenery and possibly, it could make you kick-start a life you have never imagined before. Would you like to add colours in your lives with music?
Young children, students and even adults are able to start learning music with the violin readily. It will be great if you could experience the "sound" that resonates directly in your body, the "sound" that can be directly conveyed, the "sound" that you produce and the "sound that ignites the music" you play.
The curriculum of the school will follow the progress of every individual and it will be a one-on-one lesson. The tone colour that one has and produces varies from person to person. Hence, a group setting or a rigid curriculum will not be an effective way for our students to make great progress in music. Music is a performing arts that is made and produced individually. We hope that a proper individual lesson, understanding your own music and enjoying the entire music journey will help you to seriously nurture your musicality.
Once you are able to enjoy playing the violin at your personal level, you should not forget the fun of being able to play with another player and produce a harmony made up of multiple sounds played simultaneously. This is the biggest feature of a violin. Through our school performances, we hope that by forming chamber groups such as duet, trio and an ensemble among our students would make them experience the importance of enjoying music, the depth of the piece and the beauty of music.