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Masako White

Music is a gift from God

Thank you very much for visiting Virtuosi Music Centre’s new official website. We established our school in 2001 in Singapore and since then, many of students have learnt from us. I am very thankful that I could be part of many of my students’ lives through the violin.

We have students from different backgrounds in our school. Fundamentally, many of our students first embarked on their music journey with us. However, we also have international students who joined us here in Singapore to continue with their violin studies despite already being familiar with it, as well as adults who wished to pick up music. We do provide lessons for instruments besides the violin, however, please allow me to tell you more about my journey with the violin.

On my fourth birthday, my father gave me a small sized violin, telling me that it could become my friend I would be with for life. It was as if his words have casted a spell on my younger self such that it indeed became a friend that I truly treasure till today. Since then, under the guidance of a kind-hearted instructor and a strict father, I began my daily practice of the violin. Despite facing ups and downs while learning the violin, with the support of my parents and teachers who sincerely rooted for my progress, I was able to stand at where I am today. The violin is an instrument that directly reflects one’s sound and feelings. A single sound of the violin produces human’s sensitivity, a variety of tone colours and creativity, which could enrich your lives in such a way where you may meet many people and open up your heart, widening your horizons. The violin will always be by your side, making music with you even when you are happy, sad or lonely. I started and continued this school till today, hoping that learning and performing the violin, a lifelong friend, could be a radiance in your heart and play a huge role in your lives. Regardless of age, music will cultivate your ability to play, listen, think and feel, making a huge impact in both the individual’s and others’ lives. Hence, would you like to join us?