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Enquiries and Access

You are welcome to try out the trial lesson anytime. After having the taste of the lesson and the environment, you may ponder over the capability and compatibility to continue with the lesson regularly. If you wish to be under a Japanese instructor, please state it in the remarks section. Please feel free to discuss with it us.

For any general enquiries, we accept them through email and/or the application form. If we do not respond to you within two working days, we would sincerely appreciate if you could directly enquire at .

81 Clemenceau Ave #03-23 UE Square Singapore 239917

Application / Enquiries form

Application procedure

How to join our school

Step 1: Please complete the application form and register for the trial lesson.

Step 2: The schedule for the trial lesson would be notified to you via mail. Please come to the school on the specified date and time.

Step 3: After the trial lesson, we will discuss on your preferred schedule, instructor and the level of class.

EStep 3: During admission, the instructor you will have and the timings for your lessons will be confirmed. Finally, your lessons begin.